It feels like a knife. Scraping my mind, my heart. My inside. Just cutting. And when I’m raw and bleeding and hurting the knife keeps on relentlessly scraping away, shaving off parts of me, until there’s nothing left. It feels like I’ve been punched, hard, in the stomach. I’m bent over double, can’t breathe, can’t […]

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And you find the dreams slipping away of what has been And even more painful still, what could have been And you’re faced with the elephant in the room Looking ahead Fear overtakes And your natural response is to shut down Don’t think about it It will go away But only it doesn’t.  And you […]

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Lessons From a Rookie Marshall

I had my first eye-opening experience into the world of race marshalling on the weekend. It was a fell race, in fact, part of the wonderful Llanthony Show. Pretty soon after arriving, I was painfully aware of how unprepared I was and how I was clearly a novice. Here are some lessons I may or may not have […]

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No running; only walking 

“No running; only walking” I promised myself as I headed out the door into the fading sunset.  I’ve been sick all weekend. Not dying or severly incapacitated sick, but a cough/cold, the dreaded lurgy. I have a fairly high pain threshold and I’m not usually one to complain, but when I get a cold, I […]

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Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Last week, I downloaded “Plenty of fish” . For those of you not familiar, it is an online dating app, slightly less superficial than Tinder. It was midnight, I was tired and curious, a friend had raved about it, and I’d had a beer or maybe three. After creating a profile, I quickly fell asleep […]

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Know Your Business Identity

Brand identity is crucial to businesses. Countless hours are spent devising strategies and colour schemes, analysing market information and applying that to the communication of “who we are” as a company.  If everything you do says something about who you are, what are you telling people? Do you present an excellent and clear brand, that […]

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