2015 Newsletter

Inspired by friends who have done similar, this newsletter is somewhat of an experiment. Please let me know if you read it, and you’d like me to do the same next year! I don’t want to seem narcissistic in writing my own little update, but I’m also aware with a great community of friends spread […]

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Have you heard of #100daycreativechallenge? It’s pretty epic. If you haven’t, read this: The 100 Day Creative Challenge  So, like, I’m a notoriously erratic writer. I thought, what a wonderful way to make my #100daysofcreativity purposeful by trying to write daily. Then I reminded myself, there’s a reason you don’t write everyday. Ain’t nobody got […]

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Be kind to yourself 

You know when you say something dumb, and then obsess about it for the next ten hours? Chances are the other person didn’t even think anything of it or if they did perhaps think you said something odd they’ll have forgotten about it within, say, twenty seconds. We’re our own harshest critics and tend to […]

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Ethnography; AKA People Watching

I recently embarked on a journey I’ve been silently wishing to undertake for many years; I’ve started graduate study.  It’s a bit of a mouthful: Master of Science in Socia Science Research Methods, specialising in sociology. What that essentially means is that I’m learning the skills and methodology needed to be a great researcher. One […]

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Long Limp Home 

I had grand plans for today. After running 15kms along the Wye Valley Walk, I was going to go for a post run recovery swim and sauna, duck my head in at base camp for a homemade soup (and by homemade I mean even the vegetables, grown in the garden) before heading out for the […]

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It feels like a knife. Scraping my mind, my heart. My inside. Just cutting. And when I’m raw and bleeding and hurting the knife keeps on relentlessly scraping away, shaving off parts of me, until there’s nothing left. It feels like I’ve been punched, hard, in the stomach. I’m bent over double, can’t breathe, can’t […]

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And you find the dreams slipping away of what has been And even more painful still, what could have been And you’re faced with the elephant in the room Looking ahead Fear overtakes And your natural response is to shut down Don’t think about it It will go away But only it doesn’t.  And you […]

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