voyage de retour

I was SO excited when I got upgraded to business class. It’s a long journey, from my home in Australia to my home in Wales. The journey looked something like this:

Car trip from home to airport: 1 hour + wait in Sydney airport: 3 hours + first flight (BUSINESS!): 8 hours + layover in Singapore (suring which I made good use of the gym): 9 hours + second flight (cattle class): 14 hours + arrive to discover parents snowed in – wait for bus: 2 hours + bus: 2 hours + car trip from bus station to home: 20 mins.

TOTAL JOURNEY TIME:  39 hours 20 minutes

Needless to say, I was pretty exhausted. I am also still getting over flu, have bad eczma on my hands (which made lugging around my two cases, three bags and one coat all the more painful), and walked into something at Singapore and have the hugest bruise on the top of my foot (I didn’t even know you could get bruised there!). But the journey was strangely enjoyable, right from the moment I woke up the day of the journey’s embarkment to my housemates celebrating my birthday early, to when I got home to a very snowy cold postcard picture perfect house in the Welsh countryside.

It was my first time flying business class, and although my excitement was like that of a kid in a toy shop, I did feel rather out of place amongst those stereotypically accurate people in business class – old rich people and middle-aged grumpy business big guns. Call it a guilty conscience, but I was just waiting for someone to tell me that I shouldn’t be there and kick me out. But no-one did. And I was treated as though I was a business class passenger – which I was! Despite being undeserving – I had not paid the price, I was welcomed, and treated with such excellent hospitality. I made a new friend, a Jewish lady from Cape Town. We had some great chats, ranging in topic from our shared Old Testament heritage, Matisyahu (see link: shout out to Greta for introducing him to me!) Hillsong -her athiest boyfriend’s best friend has just recently become a Christian and wants to bring them along to church – go team Cape Town!

It was an unforgettable journey, I really feel so blessed by every moment of the trip and how God opened my eyes to so much. Undescribably really, so I won’t try to articulate all that happened other than those small details sketched above. I think the key is, that wherever you are, whether you are on a plane or waiting in the cold, wherever, to open your eyes to the richness that is in every moment.

One thought on “voyage de retour

  1. Jenn Jenn.. was checking to see if you are updating this while youre away and Im glad you are!! Keep em coming xx and HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

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