Battle Scars

My scars are battle scars. Each jagged hate line tells to battles I faced and fought. The longer they remain, the more they fade, and those faded reminders declare victory. People who injure themselves know that it can become quite habit forming; as a coping mechanism it was my means of survival. To stop hurting myself was not an overnight achievement, but a daily choice that (you may be surprised to hear) continues even now. Of course, with every step taken the stronghold is weakened, but I am aware that just a few steps down the wrong path and I could face myself dealing once more with the temptation to deal with my fears or frustrations in this destructive way.

I think it is the same for all of us, we all have less than perfect methods of getting through each day; whether it’s a cigarette, over-dependence on another person, over or under eating. Some therapies are just more socially acceptable than others, and some are better for us. The goal is to be aware of what we turn to, to challenge negative choices, and to consciously steer ourselves towards better ways of processing the peaks and valleys of life.

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