My New Year Resolutions

  1. Go to the gym at least 4 times a week
  2. Write a blog post at least once a week
  3. Read two books a month
  4. Make some sort of life plan 
  5. Run a connect group
  6. Make new friends 
  7. Say what I think, in a constructive way
  8. World peace?
  9. Cut down on tea/coffee 
  10. Drink more water 
  11. Weigh under 50kg
  12. Make a difference to someone 
  13. Live in a different country
  14. Fall in love
  15. Write a book
  16. Learn Russian 
  17. Become fluent in German
  18. Share my story (and feel good about it)
  19. Paint a painting
  20. Keep a sketchbook √
  21. Climb another mountain
  22. Bungee jump
  23. Publish some work
  24. Apply for graduate school
  25. Get accepted into graduate school
  26. More to come…

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