Creative Inspiration

I was inspired by my beautiful singer/songwriter friend Sairz ( to surround myself with inspiration; words, pictures, quotes, and ideas that I can wake to, that will make their way into my subconscious and guide the direction of my thought life. I love looking around Sairz’ house; I find messages of encouragement and hope everywhere I turn:


So I decided today to make a rudimentary start. Using last year’s calendar of my favourite artist, the Austrian creative genius Hundertwasser, I cut out the first words that came to me of what I want my year to look like. I also put up some pictures from the Colour Conference invitation. It’s definitely a work in progress, but here’s to small beginnings! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Creative Inspiration

  1. Nice Blog, Jen!
    There’s always very good eye food at Sarah’s place!!
    I agree!
    She is inspiring!
    Lisa(Sarah’s mama)

  2. I have a pile of pictures, photos, favs ready to do this for a long time now. Jen, you inspired me to make the small beginning.
    Let’s dream BIG!

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