The School Ski Trip

“What’s all the commotion about?” Indie wondered. Everyone in the common room was crowded around the noticeboard, exchanging animated shrieks of delight. Probably some silly dance which she, of course, was not interested in. Sigh. She had promised her mum she’d make an effort to be “normal” this term and fit in, whatever that meant. She sidled over, yawning, and clambered onto a nearby armchair so she could get a better view of the noticeboard. Emblazoned letters announced “School Ski Trip – Sign Up Below”. Indie gasped and nearly fell from her chair. A ski trip! As part of school. And there was a race at the end of the trip! Mum would be thrilled with her getting involved in something, surely she’d let her go. This was quite certainly the best news she’d had since starting at boarding school. If there was one thing on the planet that Indie was passionate about, it was skiing.

The final day of the trip had come, and with it the penultimate event: the race. Naturally, she’d made it to the top contenders and was waiting for her race. Adrenaline pumping, heart pounding, Indie could barely stay still. The noise of the other students and locals, come to watch the race, was deafening. As she was called to the gate, she crossed her gloved fingers and silently promised to herself to win. She’d prove to everyone just who she was. No more hiding in anonymity.

The moment the buzzer sounded, Indie pushed off from the gate and instantly was released into her world. She could do this. She was in her element. She was flying! Skiing was like breathing to her; it was what came naturally. She sped through the first turn easily and smiled as she leaned in to the next. She was in the lead already, she could feel it. The yells and cheers and anthems of the crowd were white noise to her now. Nothing mattered, except her need for speed. Through more turns, and then Indie approached the ski jump nicknamed the death trap. As she approached she bent her knees in preparation, she was on the ramp, she was flying through the air….and that was when Indie Blake vanished.

Another 10 minute free writing exercise!

One thought on “The School Ski Trip

  1. You know how cruel that is right??? I wanna know what happens!! hee, hee.. P.S. Indie reminds me a lot of someone else I know.. 😉

    Love you Beautiful xxx So proud of you.

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