A is for Alphabet

photo-18Welcome to a new series of blog posts, An Alphabet for Authors! Over the next month or so, you’ll find a writing-related post for every letter in the alphabet. I’ve found it to be a fantastic writing exercise, as it’s given me a framework and a plan for writing. If you are struggling to come up with ideas,  or you need a writing exercise to get your pen moving, why don’t you try writing short stories based upon a themed alphabet? For example, you could write about animals: aardvark, baboon, caterpillar, dolphin… or how about a fantasy series? Angel, banshee, cyclops, dragon… What about turning boring everyday items into funny poems? Antique, broom, clock, desk… the possibilities are endless! You’ll find thinking along a theme awakens your creativity and perhaps research skills, if you get stuck on a particular letter!

 What theme have you chosen for your alphabet? 

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