Get Back on the Horse

It’s been a while since my last post. After finding my groove and setting aside regular time to write, a situation happened that caused me to put down my pen (or laptop) and not pick it up again. I was so frustrated, because I knew what had caused my break in writing, and disheartened to think that I could be taken off course so quickly.

The thing is, it started with a decision. Upon hearing some news, I decided not to write that day. The next day, when it was my usual time to write, I again refused to give myself the space to create. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months.

Have you heard the saying “You’ve got to get back on the horse”? When someone is thrown from a horse, the trauma makes it difficult to face riding again, but the best way to overcome the trauma is to face the cause of the pain, to get back on the horse, and slowly rebuild the passion for riding once more.

I’ve missed writing. The art of stringing words together is like a dear friend to me; a comfort, a confidante. So, today I reached down, picked up my pen, dusted it off, and allowed the words to flow.

7 thoughts on “Get Back on the Horse

    1. I made a brief start before going on vacation from writing! But’ve I’ve picked up the pen again. I’ll continue with the book after conference, as work is insane at the moment. x

  1. Writing is such a rewarding art – finding the words to capture something greater than the sum of the words, to communicate the deeper sense of the moment that resonates with the reader, causing them to stop reading and go on their own journey of life as a parallel experience. Glad to see you back.

  2. You have an incredible talent. Make sure that you foster it, because for you to stop writing would be a great loss to this world.

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