Reading Challenge

If you’re a writer, chances are you’re a reader too. Like birds of a feather, stuck together. I enjoy reading, but I’ve let it slide on my priority list. This year I decided to set myself a goal number of books to read:


Well, it’s August, and so far I’ve read (and actually finished…that’s a story for another blog)  just nine books. Conveniently, there are 21 weeks left in the year, and 21 books I have to read to make my goal of 30 books. So….(inhales deeply) I have to read one book a week every week for the rest of the year, if I want to meet my goal.

Why am I telling all of you this? Well, now I am accountable to you all, aren’t I?!

3 thoughts on “Reading Challenge

  1. Very smart. I use the same trick to get stuff done. Tell the world and you feel obliged to actually do it 😉 Although some projects fail or plans change, it does work 🙂
    So now the big question, did you manage to read those other 21 books before the end of 2013?

      1. Well done (with the schedule for this year 😉 ) and keep it up 🙂 Hope you’ll add my book to the list once I’m finished with it (and had it translated to English) 🙂

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