F is for Freewriting

FH-Alphabet-F1Every writer at some point or another will suffer from writer’s block. If you say you haven’t, well,…more power to you! Conversations with my writing companions have shown me that I am not the only one to find myself thwarted by my own perfectionism when I write, or some other anti-author demonic force. Freewriting can unstop the river block, so the words flow once more.

The idea of freewriting is precisely that: writing freely for a set amount of time. You can choose an amount of time that suits you, whether five minutes or thirty, but make sure it is realistic for your schedule. You then write without stopping at all; not to correct spelling or grammar, nor to go back and change a sentence. If you can’t think of anything to write, you simply write your observation that you can think of nothing to write. As long as your pen keeps moving across the paper, the brilliance, spelling, or readability of the words do not matter in the slightest. This is for your eyes only, and exists to serve you as the writer, not for you to serve the writing.

You might find it helpful to have a focused freewriting around a particular theme, or to use a writing exercise, but this isn’t necessary. The main purpose is to simply write, and with writing, remove any mental barriers that get in your way.

Why don’t you commit to five minutes every day for the next seven days?

4 thoughts on “F is for Freewriting

      1. I used this style to compose some of my writing as I felt that it came directly from my inner feelings

  1. I began writing poems and lyrics based on free writing style because it came directly from my inner feelings

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