Writing Is Like Renovating

Writing is like renovating. You start out thinking, this looks like an awesome opportunity, count me in! Then you start to work at it, and discover all the intricacies involved, and feel way out of your depth. You call in an expert opinion or two. I’d like to say this ends with a nice shiny renovated house and winning writing career, but I’m only partway through the journey, so I don’t know for certain. What I will say is that you can either choose to be stressed on the way to the happy ending, or enjoy each moment and take every day as it comes, on this grand adventure called life.

PS So today I’m steaming wallpaper off in the second bedroom and shut the door to keep the condensation in. Just went to go to the bathroom, and the door won’t open. I’m trapped! Ha. Luckily my dad has a spare key, so he’s going to come in and let me out….after he’s had dinner, in about an hour!

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