What if?

“What if…” questions make great writing prompts, and like the Idea Generator, can  help you to explore your imagination, or even turn into a short story or a book. I’ve given a few example questions here for you to have a go. Feel free to share your answers or some ideas for your own “what if” questions. Enjoy!

What if you found out that you were adopted?
What if you converted to another religion?
What if you were best friends with a celebrity?
What if you were part of a conspiracy theory?
What if everything you write comes true?
What if you found out that someone was planning a terrorist attack, but no-one would believe you?
What if you joined the circus?
What if you woke up one day with the ability to read minds?

2 thoughts on “What if?

  1. They are some pretty cool “what ifs?”, Jen!! Lol
    Got me going straight away!
    And as with Allison, writing and creating your reality is particularly wonderful
    I have a lot of experiences about that!

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