Three reasons why I need to be productive today

1. Get it done
If I don’t do these tasks that I’ve been diligently avoiding, a fairy won’t magically make them disappear. They’ll still be there, and I’ll be adding to my stress, knowing they’re there, knowing I do at some point need to do those tasks but I’ve still not completed them. The sooner I get it done, the sooner it disappears.

2. I don’t have time to waste
I’m ridiculously poor at managing my own time. I’m great at helping other people to manage their time, or disciplining myself when someone is paying me for my time, but when I work for myself, I tend to procrastinate and waste time, especially if it’s a difficult or boring task. It’s funny, the busier I am, the more productive I am with my spare time. Imagine if I could be that efficient from my own motivation? What could I accomplish? What could I achieve?

3. The sooner I’m finished, the sooner I can move on
Once I’ve completed these tasks, I can move on and never have to think about them again. I can reward myself with a more exciting task or a cup of tea. The sense of accomplishment I’ll feel will be worth it.

(I’m preaching to myself here folks. I’m writing this when I should be renovating.)

9 thoughts on “Three reasons why I need to be productive today

  1. I have a couple of tips that I pull out at such times.. and am in such times mysel.
    1. The 15 minute miracle mile~ select one fo your tasks and set the clock. Go hard and do what you can in 15 mins. You’ll be surprised how much it is!
    When you get to the end of your 15 mins, you can take pride in that accomplishment. After doing this a few times, you could get enough momentum on a project to no longer need this technique.

    2. Somedays, I just wake up and say:
    “I declare Today, Tomorrow and I’m doing everything i’ve been putting off!” lol
    I almost posted this on Facebook the other day.. as I did the first time I thought of it!

    You can do it, girl!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I’ve tried the 15 min thing…usually for me it’s the 5 min thing…I have to work with my limited concentration span haha! But whenever I’ve done it, it’s been really helpful, and usually leads to a longer bout of concentration and focus. Your second tip I picked up from Sairz, when she told me “now is good”…I hear her voice in my head and it helps me to do a whole lot of tasks I’d been procrastinating on. Thank you for reminding me of both, it’s been a while since I made use of them! 🙂 x

  2. Here’s a tip someone shared with me recently. Use a diary, or notebook, or whatever for a few days – keep track (even roughly) of how you feel and what you do. From that, work out what are your most and least productive times. Are you a ‘first thing in the morning’ achiever? A dynamo after lunch? A sloth in the evening? A fully fledged night owl? Now, here’s the fun bit. Do the things you hate when you’re at your best. You’ll have the energy to push through the resistance. Do the things you enjoy and love when your energy level is down – trust me, if you really do love them you’ll find the energy you need anyway, anytime! Be brilliant!

    1. Strangely, I had been thinking about doing this for the past couple of months for the purpose of monitoring some things about myself…Another reminder. Perhaps, it will unravel something significantly wonderful! 🙂

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