Where Do You Write?

As a writer, I used to think that my dream space was my own beautiful library, the smell of old books egging me on to pen my own as I sat at a large oak desk with a quill and ink. Over the last six months of traveling, I’ve found myself in a different reality, but beautiful nonetheless.

I don’t need expensive furniture or books trapped in a room, I simply need a laptop and a phone, and friends around the globe to swap and share stories with. I’ve become less materialistic and more focused on what really matters; inspiration and beauty, connections and practicality.

I originally published this piece earlier in the year for SBI’s Work at Home competition, achieving third place.

5 thoughts on “Where Do You Write?

  1. With that view, this would be stunning place to write! I like what you describe as the simple things you need to write. All those trappings of a beautiful library would be nice, but those of us without mansions can find our own places to write. 🙂

  2. Just found your blog via your Instagram profile!
    On the train. It always gets the creativity juices flowing, unLESS there is a group of adolescent boys who decide everyone else needs to listen to their music too. Then I pull out my Coffitivity app and listen to “morning sounds in the café.”

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