P Is For Proofreading

You’ve written your manuscript, thoroughly revised and edited your baby until she glows, and now you’re ready to release her to the world. Before you send her off to a potential agent, or think about self-publishing, it is vitally important that you proofread your document, and seriously consider investing in hiring a professional proofreader. What is proofreading? How does it differ from editing?
When you edit, in a nutshell, you’re really looking at the content, for inconsistencies in your story, sentence structures and revisions, and the general flow of the writing. Proofreading is an entirely different skill. In proofreading, rather than assessing the quality of the content, you’re more concerned with the quality of the grammar, punctuation, and spelling (or GPS, as I like to call it).  You’re also looking for other errors in the little details like page numbers, chapters, and basically anything that needs correcting, as the final stage of production before publication. Anything not caught by the proof reader will forever haunt you as the blemish upon your otherwise perfect work. Invest in proofreading, and you won’t regret it. Skip this stage, and you’ll almost always wish you hadn’t. Even the most brilliant among us can miss the most glaringly obvious mistakes, when it’s all you’ve been staring at for weeks. Do you have a document or manuscript that you need proofreading? Contact dangerjen@me.com with your request for a quote.

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