Run, Danger, Run!

On Sunday, I will run my first ever proper race – you know, as an adult. (I’m pretty sure my devious win in the egg and spoon as a six year old doesn’t count as a race.) The course is a 10KM trail in the Forest of Dean, and is the culmination of 10 weeks of training with the Chepstow Harriers running club.

I’d be lying if I told you that I had done all of this training to raise money for charity or for some noble cause. I didn’t. It was selfish of me, but in the best possible way. What started out as an attempt at weight loss and fitness, minus the hefty gym membership fees, has turned into a love affair with running. My therapy, my happy place, my nature fix; I’m quite sure I look like an idiot with the grin that is so often plastered across my face. A happy idiot, to be sure. As Olympian Eric Liddell so famously said, “When I run, I feel God’s pleasure”.

In the same breath, this race will be an achievement for me – not necessarily my placing or the time I finish in or whether I can reach a Personal Best, but the steely determination it has taken me to keep going each week. Although I didn’t start running with the goal of fundraising, I didn’t want to let this opportunity of celebrating my first race as a way to raise funds for an excellent cause pass me by. As a way to cheer me on, I’d love it if you wanted to donate to a cause I care deeply about. A21 aims to fight human trafficking and forced prostitution globally, through prevention, protection, prosecution, and partnership.   Please follow this link if you’d like to donate to A21 and celebrate my first race with me.

Thank you!



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