Know Your Business Identity

Brand identity is crucial to businesses. Countless hours are spent devising strategies and colour schemes, analysing market information and applying that to the communication of “who we are” as a company. 

If everything you do says something about who you are, what are you telling people? Do you present an excellent and clear brand, that communicates professionalism? Or is your message sloppy with spelling mistakes and outdated eighties artwork? 

Here are three simple thoughts to help you improve your business brand identity.

1. Know who you are 

If you don’t know who you are as a company, your values, your niche market, and your objectives, how do you expect any potential clients to? Set aside time to brainstorm and clarify, and include your staff in the discussion (if applicable). 

2. Know who they are

Following on from understanding your unique service and standpoint is knowing your current customer base. Consider analysing geography, age group, business size, and so on to develop customer profiles of who you are currently engaging.

3. Know where you want to go

Once you know where your gaps are, you can look at how you might reach out to these new groups by putting together a strategy and plan for moving your business forward. Think about potential profits and risks, competition and your ability to deliver.

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