Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Last week, I downloaded “Plenty of fish” . For those of you not familiar, it is an online dating app, slightly less superficial than Tinder. It was midnight, I was tired and curious, a friend had raved about it, and I’d had a beer or maybe three.

After creating a profile, I quickly fell asleep (thanks beer!) and forgot I’d even downloaded it – until I looked at my phone the next morning. 700+ notifications. Well, that was good for a free ego boost! Seriously, if all these guys would talk to me in real life, I’d be walking on air.

Not that my value or self confidence should come from what other people think about me. But you know, it is nice to be told every once in a while that you are beautiful and a good person and that people want to get to know you. It’s not so hard, right?

I think Christians in particular have a massive stigma about online dating. Isn’t God just going to bring “the one” across your path? Don’t you trust in Kingdom fairy dust and magically answered prayers? Well, yes I do (minus the fairy dust). But I also believe in putting yourself out there and not passively waiting not for Mr Right to show up, saying no to every potential date because you’re waiting for the ever elusive, non existent one. I know plenty of friends who have met their partners online and who have successful relationships marked by longevity and love. Why can’t that be me too?

Oh yeah, because the stereotypical man who uses a dating app is a fugly loser out to “get some”. Or so the stereotyping technological dinosaurs would like you to believe.

One thought on “Plenty of Fish in the Sea

  1. The stigma for Christians comes in trying to find that “suitable helpmeet” — someone who connects at your deepest levels of thought, feeling, and action while sharing in an equality based in faith — someone who also stimulates, well, a vital (sexual/romantic/passionate) attraction. In a way, you’re not looking for a school of fish to run through but rather a whale. And then there are the sharks …
    In a way, you’re looking for one in a million, and the odds of finding him in the typical congregation today are about 1 in a billion.
    You might consider the Parable of the Talents here, rather than burying what you have to offer.
    Best wishes …

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