Lessons From a Rookie Marshall

I had my first eye-opening experience into the world of race marshalling on the weekend. It was a fell race, in fact, part of the wonderful Llanthony Show. Pretty soon after arriving, I was painfully aware of how unprepared I was and how I was clearly a novice. Here are some lessons I may or may not have learned the hard way, for any would-be marshallers 😉 #yourewelcome #laughatmyexpense #itsokayImlaughingtoo

1. Don’t bother straightening your hair.

2. Or doing your makeup.

3. If you ignore 1 & 2, expect to look a mess within 10 minutes of arriving.

4. Jeans aren’t the best idea.

5. Especially when it’s raining.

6. Invest in a pair of waterproof trousers.

7. While we’re on waterproofs, let’s talk about bringing the most sensible, waterproof and warm coat, not the flimsy “showerproof” aka if-it’s-more-than-a-couple-of-droplets-you’re-soaked option, stylish though it may be.

8. Be okay with peeing in the wilderness.

9. But pick your moment carefully, and remember people could be coming at you from all directions.

10. Remember to smile – that shivery frowny look isn’t great.

11. Don’t laugh at runners jumping stiles – they will notice and assume you’re being mean, when really you’re just thinking how awesome they are.

12. If for some strange reason you decide to wear your shiny new trainers that you save only for the gym, expect that they will probably get as muddy as if you were also running through puddles

13. If you accidentally try to eat the judges food, expect to get told off by the deceptively sweet-looking WI lady.

14. Just take your cup of tea and run – who cares about food anyway?

15. And finally, if you have the opportunity to hitch a ride with one of your running heroes, make sure you stop with all your blabby words and listen to the expert!

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