Long Limp Home 

I had grand plans for today. After running 15kms along the Wye Valley Walk, I was going to go for a post run recovery swim and sauna, duck my head in at base camp for a homemade soup (and by homemade I mean even the vegetables, grown in the garden) before heading out for the afternoon to tackle my never-ending renovation project.

Well, that all went down the drain when 6kms in I twisted my ankle, for the fourth time on the run, this time doing damage serious enough that it was too painful to continue running, and thus began the slow and very long limp home. 

As luck would have it, a walker passed by at the moment of injury, and hearing my screeching, kindly came to pick up the pieces and helped me up and back.

I was feeling rather sorry for myself as I lay on the couch, frozen peas doing their duty and purple swollen mess of an ankle just staring at me. I wondered how much time I’d be on the bench before I could run again, and shivered. 


I started writing this blog about six weeks ago, when I was miserably wondering how I would possibly exist without running, and how disappointed I was that I wouldn’t be able to complete my training to do my first half marathon. I’d burst into tears when they’d told me that no, a day’s rest and ice would not suffice, and yes, I would need to rest for much longer than that, and no, I would not be running for at least two or three weeks. But I grudgingly listened to the advice, and when given the go ahead I came back with a vengeance, determined to make up for lost miles.

And now the Severn Bridge Half Marathon is just a day away, and I’m a mixed bag of emotions. Anxious – in case I don’t make it or I do more damage to my still-not-quite-right ankle, embarrassed – because I’ll probably be one of the last ones over the finish line, determined – to finish the race and be proud of myself, regardless of how long it takes me, elated – that I’ve come back from the curve ball and I’m sticking to my goal, frustrated – that I haven’t done as much training as I would have liked to if I hadn’t got injured, happy – that I can truly call myself a runner now.

6 thoughts on “Long Limp Home 

  1. Hey Jen
    Well, you are way ahead of me!
    Today, for the first time, since moving into my new place ( 5 months ago), I walked the FULL return length of Burleigh. I rolled my left ankle very badly a few days after moving in and was 6-8 weeks just to be able to walk 2 blocks…and ABSOLUTELY NO heels!

    I wore one of my lower heels a couple of weeks ago, but generally, had to buy and stay in supportive, flat heeled shoes. It still twinges, and I certainly wouldn’t be game to run on it as you have on yours- but I relate to your elation, and share in my version, that I had my “full” length Burleigh walk today.

    Congratulations 🙂 Well done!


  2. I’m having a similar experience, I started blogging when running was becoming really important to me, and now I’m injured. Also, my parents live somewhere in the region of the Wye Valley, so I often do training runs there- its beautiful!

    1. Hi! Somehow I missed this comment, sorry! Hoping your injury is recovered and you’re enjoying training again! It’s a beautiful area to run, we are very lucky aren’t we?!

  3. Wow! Who are you? “Just out for a leisurely FIFTEEN km run” ha. go Jen! But sorry to hear about your ankle. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow! Go well x

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