Have you heard of #100daycreativechallenge? It’s pretty epic. If you haven’t, read this:

The 100 Day Creative Challenge 
So, like, I’m a notoriously erratic writer. I thought, what a wonderful way to make my #100daysofcreativity purposeful by trying to write daily. Then I reminded myself, there’s a reason you don’t write everyday. Ain’t nobody got time for that! But then I was like, well, I could try and make the time? Sure, I’m studying full time and should be writing essays. Yes, I also have to work. Agreed, I do spend a ridiculous amount of my time running/travelling to races/scraping mud off after a run. But honestly? Unless you make time for the things that are important to you, they won’t ever happen. Now is the best time to start!

The great thing about the #100daycreativechallenge is that you’re not limited in how you choose to be creative. Interpret it in whatever way is best for you. Read a book, paint a picture, make up a dance routine. But whatever you do, get the creative juices flowing!

Anyone else ready to take up the challenge?

Over and out. (1/100)

2 thoughts on “100

  1. Good luck with this! I really like the idea, though. Trying to be more creative should make life more fun and rewarding 🙂

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