Have you heard of my tomatoes? It’s brilliant! For someone who is easily distracted, such as myself, such a simple timer tool with regular breaks really helps me to stay on track. Today was my first day using it and I’ve already collected far more tomatoes than I’d ever eat! (Especially, you know, since I hate tomatoes).

Overcoming procrastination is a constant battle for me, and using the Pomodoro method, simple as it sounds, actually really works. If you have trouble staying on track and getting yourself into the work zone, particularly outside of a designated office space, I’d definitely recommend you give this a go. Based on scientific studies of the amount of time the brain can usefully focus for, and allowing opportunities for quick breaks, collecting tomatoes is a fun way of getting yourself or your students to work for concentrated sessions.

P.S. I promise I am absolutely not procrastinating on study by writing this blog….in opposite world….

One thought on “Tomatoes

  1. I’m not sure why but I think it’s awesome that you collect (and grow?) tomatoes even though you dislike them. I just think there’s something great about that.

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