50 days

Eek! This is getting real! 

After a month of training not going exactly to plan (a combination of minor injuries, illness & working overseas), I’m feeling back on track. Life often doesn’t always go the way we expect or plan. The key to reaching our goals & moving forward into success isn’t absense of challenges or difficulty, it’s how we pick ourselves up to keep going when quitting would be easier. It’s reminding ourselves why we do what we do, and forgiving ourselves if we don’t meet the standards we set for ourselves.

Tomorrow I have my longest training run yet, as I take on Rhayader “round the lakes” 20 mile race. I then have a couple more 20 mile races on the following weekends. Three 20 mile races in three weeks is in itself quite a challenge, but I’m excited for the opportunity to overcome mental barriers & accustom my body to longer distance running on tired legs. It’ll be fantastic training for London! 

Wish me luck, I’ll need it! Why am I putting myself through this? Well, I love running & I love the challenge of pushing my body & mind to do something which for me feels impossible. It’s scary, but I decided recently that if something scared me, I’d throw myself into it 100%. Only by facing fears can we conquer them. 

But much more than that, London Marathon will be the final of my 30 races for 30 years, raising awareness & funds to combat sex trafficking, in support of the incredible charity A21. Please consider donating to help me reach my goal. I’m so thankful for everyone who has supported me so far, whether through a donation, encouragement, or running with me. You are all my heroes! 

2 thoughts on “50 days

  1. Wow Jen. You are AMAZING! 20 miles is like 32kms! I am so proud of you for remaining committed to your cause and for seeing it through to the end! That takes guts and focus and such resilience. You have an amazing mind xxxx Love you!

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