It has been far too long since I blogged! Over a year, in fact. How did that happen?! After completing my charity challenge of thirty races (although not completing all the blogs – oops!) life became very busy with a change in job, etc. etc. Truth is, I got distracted with other tasks, felt exhausted all the time and I didn’t prioritise or make time for writing.

But I have dubbed 2018 the year of creativity. Having spent years working in office based jobs, I realised I rarely have time to enjoy being creative, which is  a chunk of my personality I am not giving any outlet to. So I decided that this year I would pursue any and all things creative, and not just writing – which I suppose is all I thought I could do. After some really encouraging feedback on a few random doodles I did, I drew a little bit more, and started a doodling Instagram account. Drawing and colouring daily has been really fun and therapeutic, in a similar way that writing was when I began. It is quite special to think that if I hadn’t drawn it, it would never have existed. I love bringing my childhood imagination back to life! And it makes me happy that my doodles make people happy. 🙂 I won’t stop writing…in fact, doing all these doodles has inspired me to write again as well. But it is exciting to explore a new avenue of creativity!

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 19.51.01.png

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