Tailwalking in the rain

I’d decided a few weeks back to tailwalk today’s parkrun, as I knew I’d be in this neck of the woods after my sister’s return to Austria yesterday. The trouble with signing up to volunteer weeks in advance is that you have little clue of what the weather will be like.

Yes, I know skin is waterproof, and that I was lucky to be walking rather than marshalling (hardy souls who normally stand fairly still but today jumped up and down), but that doesn’t make it any more enjoyable to be out there in a murky morning.

It seems many regulars agreed with me, as five minutes before the event and only a handful of runners could be spotted, mostly still hiding in their cars until it was time to begin. Possibly the smallest parkrun I’ve taken part in, and I was worried I’d not be able to keep up with the last parkrunner. Suzie, run director for the day, assured me this wasn’t necessary, but I knew my stubbornness would get the better of me and I’d try to keep up with the last finisher even if it meant sprinting my way around, and I wondered if anyone else has ever gotten a PB from tail walking?!

Thankfully, there was an injured runner…wait…I don’t mean I’m thankful that she was injured, just that it made it slightly easier to keep up! And we mostly walked as we talked around the three laps in the lashing rain. I was delighted upon finished to be handed a number 21 token – my best finishing position for Rogiet parkrun! Even more so to be 9th female. Sure, there were only 9 females running out of 21 total runners, but who cares? A top ten is a top ten!

I’ve not decided which parkrun to run next weekend, and as I haven’t properly run one for a little while I’d better give it a go. Christmas day I will be marshalling and photographing again at Rogiet, with the help of my puppy.

Gosh I love parkrun!

5 thoughts on “Tailwalking in the rain

  1. Haha awesome! A low week at my parkrun is around 300 people. Sometimes we get over 500!! So coming 21st would feel pretty amazing haha.

    1. Ha! By puppy, I mean my parents border collie who I claim as my own, who is two and a half! But I still call her my little puppy! She’ll be wearing reindeer ears and looking very cute and I promise to share photos!

      1. AW sounds wonderful. Sounds like my daughter who calls my dog hers and also calls him a puppy even though he is now 7. Check out pics of him on Instagram. He’s not a runner though. My hubby tired to take him on the Conwy park run once and it was chaos!! He wanted to fight the bigger dogs and then didn’t really want to run 🙂

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