Nadolig Llawen!

What is the magic of Christmas, that any other day in the year I groan when I hear my alarm, press snooze and pull my pillow over my head, yet on Christmas day I wake up an hour earlier than I should, excited even at 33 years old to see if Santa has been, and looking forward to a day of nothing but family, food and fun.

In the last few years, a Christmas morning parkrun has added to the joyful festive community feel at Christmas. Today was my first Christmas day volunteering rather than running. I’d asked the core team at Rogiet a couple of months ago if they were planning to host a Christmas day parkrun, and if they were needing volunteers I’d gladly put my hand up.

So it was still dark outside when me and Monstie (also known as Carys) put on our Christmas attire and headed out the door to Rogiet Countryside Park, ready to marshal and take photos of all the eager Christmas day runners.

There were lots of cheers, mostly aimed at Carys, as runners streamed past. I tried my best to take great photos, but I am still learning and very much an amateur when it comes to using my borrowed camera! I always feel very bad when a runner makes an extra effort to jump or smile or thumbs up at me, and I can’t take a picture in time because the flash is recharging, I’ve got it on the wrong setting, or the memory card is full! Or I do manage to take a picture, but when I check it later it’s blurry. I definitely need a few lessons in how to do this well.  Some of the photos came out okay though, and hopefully the more I take the better I will become.



I love the team at Rogiet, always super friendly and welcoming. It may not be the largest or most iconic parkrun, but it’s definitely got the biggest sense of community spirit!

From the cutest little reindeer marshal you ever saw, and her human, Nadolig Llawen! xoxo

P.S. Here’s a link to the pics I took.






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