Would there be a gap?

If I were not here, would there be a gap?

Who would notice first?

Who would take some time to realise, the final dawn bringing perhaps a tinge of sorrow or regret?

Would the Earth still continue to spin, sun ever shining its warmth, oblivious to my absence?

Would it matter?

To anyone?

At all?

If there would be no gap, then what does it matter anyway?

One thought on “Would there be a gap?

  1. Beautiful poem. And as it is questions the only answer can be

    “yes there would be a gap
    A gap maybe not huge or vast or great
    but there would be a gap but you would never know
    because you took the step to leave.
    The world would still spin, the wind still blow, the sun still shine
    But you would leave a space that no one could ever fill
    a hollow in the world
    Remember, you are you and that’s the space you fill”

    I wrote something similar for a friend who died last year so thought I would share it with you X

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