Lliswerry 8 (Race 26)

First thought: pause garmin. Once the garmin was safely paused, second thought: argh but I really need to run tonight! Collapsed in a twisted heap, Gemma shone her headtorch down on me and picked mine up from where it had flung from my head in the fall. “Are you okay?” Trying desperately not to be […]

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50 days

Eek! This is getting real!  After a month of training not going exactly to plan (a combination of minor injuries, illness & working overseas), I’m feeling back on track. Life often doesn’t always go the way we expect or plan. The key to reaching our goals & moving forward into success isn’t absense of challenges […]

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Seven Sins (Race 24)

Seven hills, over seven miles, in atonement for the seven sins. Lust. Greed. Gluttony. Envy. Pride. Sloth. Wrath. The penance race, just a few days after Christmas, felt very appropriate after the luxurious excesses that many of us indulge in over the festive season. The nominated sin for this year was lust, the sin of […]

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Nightingale Nightmare (Race 20)

The Nightingale Nightmare was scarily spectacular! “Enter if you dare” warned the blood-covered sign at the gates, as we piled out of the car up to the haunted school’s front doors and into the twilight zone, guarded by the Grim reaper. Kudos to Southville Running Club, they held nothing back in their eery transformation which […]

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The Grand Finale…

“Since my name is in the ballot, we’ll have an unbiased person draw the names. Kath, would you do the honours?” Life President Syd announced as we prepared for the much anticipated draw for the two club places for London Marathon. An exciting part of the Annual General Meeting, with those in attendance waiting to hear who’d […]

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A Tale of Two Halves Pt 1: Severn Bridge (Race 14)

Severn Bridge Half Marathon was a big deal for me. The anniversary of my first half marathon, completing Severn Bridge last year was when in my mind I became a “real” runner. Despite having completed several since that first, and many more races besides, I had, once again, a nervous knot in my belly for […]

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A Tale of Two Halves Pt 2: South Wales Trails (Race 15)

Am I really going to do this? I thought to myself. I’d been dragging my feet since my 6am wake up (actual time I managed to peel myself out of bed: 6:40), like a child who doesn’t want to go to school sports day. Unfortunately, though a little stiff, my legs were still able to […]

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