It has been far too long since I blogged! Over a year, in fact. How did that happen?! After completing my charity challenge of thirty races (although not completing all the blogs – oops!) life became very busy with a change in job, etc. etc. Truth is, I got distracted with other tasks, felt exhausted […]

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Moment[0]s of Leaving

I was admitted to a psychiatric hospital last night. Admittedly, the admission was part of the performance; an immersive theatre production based at Whitchurch hospital before its closure next month.  The persons in front of me shuffled forward and matron checked them in: “one epileptic and one suicidal, is it?” My turn: “are you dangerous?” […]

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My Ideal Room

Books. I’m surrounded by bookshelves, floor to ceiling, in a tall, circular tower room. The gleaming oak shelves come together at the top as though archways, and for every arch of books, there is an arched window next to it. The room is light, spacious; every breath is a refreshing drink. The wooden floorboards echo […]

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Creative Inspiration

I was inspired by my beautiful singer/songwriter friend Sairz (www.sarahshah.org) to surround myself with inspiration; words, pictures, quotes, and ideas that I can wake to, that will make their way into my subconscious and guide the direction of my thought life. I love looking around Sairz’ house; I find messages of encouragement and hope everywhere […]

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Release the Sketcher Within

Recently, I have found myself frustrated. Artistically. My head has been mainly a ball of fuzz for the last couple of months, which I don’t blame (but don’t not blame) on the busyness of life, with family and friends visiting, working two jobs, volunteering and so on and so forth. Since I haven’t really let […]

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