The juggling act 

Yesterday, someone asked me (presumably joking), “do you have an addictive personality?” It cut straight through my soul. Because yes. Yes I do have an addictive personality. I was even given a book about it when I was a teenager. Whether it be slot machines at arcades, stupid apps like candy crush, my newfound love […]

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I just found out my dog has lung cancer. It’s kind of my fault, because when I first got her I was a chain smoker, and she would come with me everywhere. I would smoke on the bench in front of the house, and she’d sit by my side as we looked at the stars. When it […]

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2015 Newsletter

Inspired by friends who have done similar, this newsletter is somewhat of an experiment. Please let me know if you read it, and you’d like me to do the same next year! I don’t want to seem narcissistic in writing my own little update, but I’m also aware with a great community of friends spread […]

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Long Limp Home 

I had grand plans for today. After running 15kms along the Wye Valley Walk, I was going to go for a post run recovery swim and sauna, duck my head in at base camp for a homemade soup (and by homemade I mean even the vegetables, grown in the garden) before heading out for the […]

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Why I Write

I write because I would go mad if I didn’t. It is my outlet; my sanity. So in a way, it’s selfish of me. But then again, to breathe is not considered selfish; it is simply understood as necessary for survival. My head is an explosion of ideas, colours, fragments, the unwritten. Sometimes someone tells […]

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I take back the key

If I commit fraud, I have broken the law. I will be held accountable to my actions, and given a sentence accordingly. What is not my responsibility, is the effect upon the victim. Never would a judge say, “this victim is unable to let go of the crime, therefore your sentence is doubled”, nor “the […]

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The Difference An Album Can Make

Last week was our latest album recording, Hillsong Church’s 87th recording project. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude and awe that I can be part of a church that influences so many lives with songs of heaven. Serving for the album recording caused me to reflect upon the first Hillsong album I ever heard, “You […]

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The Journey

When catching up over coffee recently, a friend asked me what the most important thing that I had learned on my journey had been. I struggle answering questions with words like “biggest”, “most”, or “best” because I believe each key I have learned along the way has been the best for that particular moment. I […]

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Release the Sketcher Within

Recently, I have found myself frustrated. Artistically. My head has been mainly a ball of fuzz for the last couple of months, which I don’t blame (but don’t not blame) on the busyness of life, with family and friends visiting, working two jobs, volunteering and so on and so forth. Since I haven’t really let […]

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