Application: Submitted

It is finished. I have finally submitted my application to study social psychology at the New School for Social Research in New York. This is no small accomplishment, for applications of any kind fill me with a sense of dread. Usually, procrastination, the fear of failure, of wanting something so much with no way to […]

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My New Year Resolutions

Go to the gym at least 4 times a week Write a blog post at least once a week Read two books a month Make some sort of life plan √ Run a connect group Make new friends √ Say what I think, in a constructive way World peace? Cut down on tea/coffee √ Drink more water √ Weigh […]

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Battle Scars

My scars are battle scars. Each jagged hate line tells to battles I faced and fought. The longer they remain, the more they fade, and those faded reminders declare victory. People who injure themselves know that it can become quite habit forming; as a coping mechanism it was my means of survival. To stop hurting […]

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You see these scars?

My scars are visible reminders of my life’s journey. Often I forget that they are there; I am so used to the damaged skin on my arm. Sometimes I am reminded; by the glances of acquaintances, who dare not mention them, or those who impulsively askand then hurriedly change the subject. Occasionally, someone will ask […]

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voyage de retour

I was SO excited when I got upgraded to business class. It’s a long journey, from my home in Australia to my home in Wales. The journey looked something like this: Car trip from home to airport: 1 hour + wait in Sydney airport: 3 hours + first flight (BUSINESS!): 8 hours + layover in Singapore (suring […]

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