D is for Dialogue

“I live in Panorama,” Christiana told me, as we made the short trip from the airport to her home. “Pano meaning over, rama meaning view. It is an over-view, a panorama. You see? It makes sense. Every word, it comes from the Greek. You give me any example in English, I tell you how it […]

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C is for Characters

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: characters are key to the success of your story. You can have the most brilliant storyline, but if your characterization is weak, you will be unlikely to connect with your audience. On the other hand, there are many successful authors whose plot is dull, but the loveability […]

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Creating Characters: Read the Paper

Ever find yourself stuck for character ideas? Or do your characters somehow seem not believable enough, too vague? A good way to develop your character is to have a picture to look at. You’ll find your creativity sparked and ideas flow when you look into the face of someone. Try this exercise. Grab a newspaper, […]

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