It has been far too long since I blogged! Over a year, in fact. How did that happen?! After completing my charity challenge of thirty races (although not completing all the blogs – oops!) life became very busy with a change in job, etc. etc. Truth is, I got distracted with other tasks, felt exhausted […]

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Forever in the forest

I was super frustrated by my run today. Every step felt hard, painful and disappointing. I ran slowly and I felt weak, so weak, as I splashed through mud and barely made it up the hills. It was pretty though. Gosh, I will never take for granted the joy of running in the countryside. It’s […]

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Daffodils & Buttercups

Speak to me, daffodils. Tell me, buttercups. Whisper your secrets of happiness. How do you radiate hope to all who look upon you? How do you reflect the sunshine and warmth so brilliantly? How do I turn from a winter’s death to a springly step of life? I too want to be light and energy […]

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2015 Newsletter

Inspired by friends who have done similar, this newsletter is somewhat of an experiment. Please let me know if you read it, and you’d like me to do the same next year! I don’t want to seem narcissistic in writing my own little update, but I’m also aware with a great community of friends spread […]

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Lessons From a Rookie Marshall

I had my first eye-opening experience into the world of race marshalling on the weekend. It was a fell race, in fact, part of the wonderful Llanthony Show. Pretty soon after arriving, I was painfully aware of how unprepared I was and how I was clearly a novice. Here are some lessons I may or may not have […]

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No running; only walking 

“No running; only walking” I promised myself as I headed out the door into the fading sunset.  I’ve been sick all weekend. Not dying or severly incapacitated sick, but a cough/cold, the dreaded lurgy. I have a fairly high pain threshold and I’m not usually one to complain, but when I get a cold, I […]

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Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Last week, I downloaded “Plenty of fish” . For those of you not familiar, it is an online dating app, slightly less superficial than Tinder. It was midnight, I was tired and curious, a friend had raved about it, and I’d had a beer or maybe three. After creating a profile, I quickly fell asleep […]

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Writing Is Like Renovating

Writing is like renovating. You start out thinking, this looks like an awesome opportunity, count me in! Then you start to work at it, and discover all the intricacies involved, and feel way out of your depth. You call in an expert opinion or two. I’d like to say this ends with a nice shiny […]

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I is for Indecision

 I used to be indecisive, but now I’m not so sure.   I was unsure as to whether to write “I” about indecision, since I am one of the most indecisive people you’ll ever meet. I have no answers. I beg your help. I have a million embryonic stories, but I just cannot decide which […]

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