My Ideal Room

Books. I’m surrounded by bookshelves, floor to ceiling, in a tall, circular tower room. The gleaming oak shelves come together at the top as though archways, and for every arch of books, there is an arched window next to it. The room is light, spacious; every breath is a refreshing drink. The wooden floorboards echo […]

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Why I Write

I write because I would go mad if I didn’t. It is my outlet; my sanity. So in a way, it’s selfish of me. But then again, to breathe is not considered selfish; it is simply understood as necessary for survival. My head is an explosion of ideas, colours, fragments, the unwritten. Sometimes someone tells […]

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Tips From An ADHD Leader

When I started my degree, I remember tearing my hair out in frustration. I could not seem to get my head to work like normal people’s brains did enough to be able to study. A close friend would patiently help me and teach basic skills such as planning my week, setting deadlines, basic essay skills. […]

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A Love-Hate Relationship

I’ll let you into a little secret. I have a love-hate relationship with my blog. I love to write. I am a passionate advocate for the improvement of spelling, punctuation and grammar. I long to share my stories with the world. And yet… When I allow others to read my work, I experience an intense […]

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The Glad Game

Pollyanna is one of my heroes. The doe eyed, infuriatingly positive orphan of Eleanor H Porter’s creation, is one of those people that love her or hate her, you cannot simply ignore her. Ever been around a person who always finds something to be happy about, in every kind of gruesome or demoralising situation? The […]

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I take back the key

If I commit fraud, I have broken the law. I will be held accountable to my actions, and given a sentence accordingly. What is not my responsibility, is the effect upon the victim. Never would a judge say, “this victim is unable to let go of the crime, therefore your sentence is doubled”, nor “the […]

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The Difference An Album Can Make

Last week was our latest album recording, Hillsong Church’s 87th recording project. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude and awe that I can be part of a church that influences so many lives with songs of heaven. Serving for the album recording caused me to reflect upon the first Hillsong album I ever heard, “You […]

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What’s in a song?

Music is so powerful. I could hear a few chords, and instantly transported to a particular time and place, whether because that is where I was when I first heard the song, or the circumstances in my life at the time I was listening to the song. Sometimes something will play on the radio and […]

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The Journey

When catching up over coffee recently, a friend asked me what the most important thing that I had learned on my journey had been. I struggle answering questions with words like “biggest”, “most”, or “best” because I believe each key I have learned along the way has been the best for that particular moment. I […]

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