Would there be a gap?

If I were not here, would there be a gap? Who would notice first? Who would take some time to realise, the final dawn bringing perhaps a tinge of sorrow or regret? Would the Earth still continue to spin, sun ever shining its warmth, oblivious to my absence? Would it matter? To anyone? At all? […]

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And you find the dreams slipping away of what has been And even more painful still, what could have been And you’re faced with the elephant in the room Looking ahead Fear overtakes And your natural response is to shut down Don’t think about it It will go away But only it doesn’t.  And you […]

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Behind These Eyes

I groan & roll over, curl into a ball The knock at the door, my wake up call. The dream I’d been having fast fades away I swallow my hatred & begin another day. I forget who I was, I’m clothed in disguise Smiling, seductive; I look into your eyes. Filled with lust & hunger, […]

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H is for Haiku

Does such a person exist who was not made to write a Haiku during their schooling? I remember my lesson clearly; I was eleven years old and very distractible. Mrs. P was a rather stern teacher, who did not tolerate my wandering attention. But really, poems that did not rhyme, originated from a foreign land, […]

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My Ferdinand

My Ferdinand Is that of which I cannot speak A friend in his familiarity; he’s been around for as long as I can remember. A foe in his ferocity; he shows no mercy, and his cruelty knows no bounds. A part of me, yet apart from me. Could I ever be free? Mind games are […]

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Leisure – W. H. Davies

WHAT is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare?— No time to stand beneath the boughs, And stare as long as sheep and cows: No time to see, when woods we pass, Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass: No time to see, in broad daylight, Streams full […]

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Sounds of Silence

My soul broke long ago Dashed against the darkest of rocks Mysterious, alluring [I am a butterfly with a broken wing] Sounds of silence My story hidden in my soul prison And I have no words No way to express Deception’s caress I dwell in forever regret Freedom unlocked, yet captive I’ll stay For my […]

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