Sail away 

By the time anyone would know what was happening, it would be too late. I wondered what it would feel like, how long it would take, whether people would have to watch me die or whether I would simply disappear under the water and disappear from sight forever. Thud, thud, thud. I could do it. […]

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Behind These Eyes

I groan & roll over, curl into a ball The knock at the door, my wake up call. The dream I’d been having fast fades away I swallow my hatred & begin another day. I forget who I was, I’m clothed in disguise Smiling, seductive; I look into your eyes. Filled with lust & hunger, […]

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My Ideal Room

Books. I’m surrounded by bookshelves, floor to ceiling, in a tall, circular tower room. The gleaming oak shelves come together at the top as though archways, and for every arch of books, there is an arched window next to it. The room is light, spacious; every breath is a refreshing drink. The wooden floorboards echo […]

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Six Word Stories

Have you heard about Ernest Hemingway’s six word story? I hadn’t, until today, and it has delighted me! A friend bet Hemingway that he could not write a story in six words, so the legend goes. He was forced to pay up, when Hemingway produced what he is said to have called his greatest work: […]

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Why I Write

I write because I would go mad if I didn’t. It is my outlet; my sanity. So in a way, it’s selfish of me. But then again, to breathe is not considered selfish; it is simply understood as necessary for survival. My head is an explosion of ideas, colours, fragments, the unwritten. Sometimes someone tells […]

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The Ultimatum

Heart racing, she smashed through the flimsy barricades. “Danger”; “Stay Out”. She kicked the signs with the full force of her frustration, broken bottles crunching underfoot as she rushed past towards the derelict house. Silence screamed at her, and she covered her ears. There was no way to drown out the torment that came from […]

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The School Ski Trip

“What’s all the commotion about?” Indie wondered. Everyone in the common room was crowded around the noticeboard, exchanging animated shrieks of delight. Probably some silly dance which she, of course, was not interested in. Sigh. She had promised her mum she’d make an effort to be “normal” this term and fit in, whatever that meant. […]

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Ms. Fleming’s Wig

Ms. Fleming’s wig had gone missing. Naturally, everybody blamed me. Who else would do such an atrocious act to their elderly teacher? Well, why leave her wig unattended, I say. Girls will be girls. Anyway, I hadn’t touched her filthy wig. Yuck! The very thought of it disgusted me. I bet she hasn’t washed it […]

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