Danny & The Snow Kid

Danny was a kid who wanted to be a snow kid. Not a snow man, and definitely not a snow woman. Just a regular, coal-eyed, carrot-nosed, snow kid. The problem was that Danny was a human kid. Everyone knowns it’s practically impossible to transform from a human kid to a snow kid. Danny had a […]

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You Decide!

As the launch of my first children’s book quickly approaches, I’ve realised I need to get started on my next quick smart! So, it’s up to you to help me decide which biblical story to (loosely!) base my next book on. The story I write will not be a childlike re-write of the original, but […]

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An Adventure

Her adventures, though driven by the pain she felt, were filled with such joy and childlike wonder. A beautiful paradox. She had been exposed to the harsh reality of the world from such a young age. Her peers could never know or understand. She’d watch the innocent play of children who were of similar years to her; […]

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The Battle

Once upon a time, in a distant land, there was a lone soldier. She fought an unending and ugly battle against unruly enemies, with the recklessness of one who believed there was no other to fight for her, nor another to care should she not be victorious. The battle morphed into a game, an easier fate […]

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