To The Girl I Bullied

I was shocked when you called me a bully. I had never thought of myself like that. I thought bullies were the ones that beat up little kids for kicks. I’d never intended to hurt anyone. I called you fat when I was frustrated and I wanted my own way. Usually, you’d fight back or […]

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Run, Danger, Run!

On Sunday, I will run my first ever proper race – you know, as an adult. (I’m pretty sure my devious win in the egg and spoon as a six year old doesn’t count as a race.) The course is a 10KM trail in the Forest of Dean, and is the culmination of 10 weeks of training with […]

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Why I Write

I write because I would go mad if I didn’t. It is my outlet; my sanity. So in a way, it’s selfish of me. But then again, to breathe is not considered selfish; it is simply understood as necessary for survival. My head is an explosion of ideas, colours, fragments, the unwritten. Sometimes someone tells […]

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