Have you heard of my tomatoes? It’s brilliant! For someone who is easily distracted, such as myself, such a simple timer tool with regular breaks really helps me to stay on track. Today was my first day using it and I’ve already collected far more tomatoes than I’d ever eat! (Especially, you know, since I […]

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I just found out my dog has lung cancer. It’s kind of my fault, because when I first got her I was a chain smoker, and she would come with me everywhere. I would smoke on the bench in front of the house, and she’d sit by my side as we looked at the stars. When it […]

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Daffodils & Buttercups

Speak to me, daffodils. Tell me, buttercups. Whisper your secrets of happiness. How do you radiate hope to all who look upon you? How do you reflect the sunshine and warmth so brilliantly? How do I turn from a winter’s death to a springly step of life? I too want to be light and energy […]

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Moment[0]s of Leaving

I was admitted to a psychiatric hospital last night. Admittedly, the admission was part of the performance; an immersive theatre production based at Whitchurch hospital before its closure next month.  The persons in front of me shuffled forward and matron checked them in: “one epileptic and one suicidal, is it?” My turn: “are you dangerous?” […]

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Newport State of Mind (Race 2)

Race: Newport City Half Marathon Month: March Distance: 21km Terrain: road, mostly flat Time: 2.05.03 I was umming and ahhing about Newport for aaaages, and it was only when entries closed I realised, bummer, I really did want to do a half in my home city! I was a bit gutted, knowing I’d see my […]

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Massacred (Race 1)

Race 1: Mayhill Massacre Date: February Distance: 15km Terrain: hilly, muddy, off-road Time: 1.55.15 It’s normal for me to feel a little bit nervous before a big race, and I think many runners would also experience it – if you’re not nervous maybe you’re not taking it seriously enough?! This race though, I was particularly […]

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30 Races for 30 years

Turning 30 is a big deal, right?! I turned 30 in December, and over the last few months, I’ve been thinking over an idea for how I can celebrate this milestone in a memorable, fun, and purposeful way. This is it: 30 Races for 30 Years As most of you know, I recently discovered running. […]

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Academic elitism or reflexive praxis? 

“All academics are elitist, but sociologists are the worst of them all” – A. (fellow academic) When discussing the historical atrocities of the transatlantic slave trade today, A. passionately vocalised her thoughts on how sociologists, in their advocacy of subjectivity awareness, reflexively analysing bias, and researching social issues of oppressed social groups, were even more elitist […]

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2015 Newsletter

Inspired by friends who have done similar, this newsletter is somewhat of an experiment. Please let me know if you read it, and you’d like me to do the same next year! I don’t want to seem narcissistic in writing my own little update, but I’m also aware with a great community of friends spread […]

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Have you heard of #100daycreativechallenge? It’s pretty epic. If you haven’t, read this: The 100 Day Creative Challenge  So, like, I’m a notoriously erratic writer. I thought, what a wonderful way to make my #100daysofcreativity purposeful by trying to write daily. Then I reminded myself, there’s a reason you don’t write everyday. Ain’t nobody got […]

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