Know Your Value

I was so excited when a couple of weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to assist her with her book project, on a paid basis. I was honoured that she’d choose to include me in her book-writing journey. I so believe in her and what she has to offer the world, and since […]

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The Travelling Writer

I’ve travelled between three continents over the last four months, staying in seven countries, sleeping in beds and bathtubs, on couches and on tiles. 2014 is set to be a year of travel and adventure, and the beauty of being a freelance writer/editor is that I can take my office with me wherever I go. […]

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J is for Journal

Dear Diary, Hello! Remember me? I know; it’s been too long! Sorry about that. I guess I just got busy. No, really. Okay. You caught me. It’s more than that. I’ve been avoiding you like the plague. It’s not that I don’t want to spend time with you. I do! Believe me. We both know how […]

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The Ultimatum

Heart racing, she smashed through the flimsy barricades. “Danger”; “Stay Out”. She kicked the signs with the full force of her frustration, broken bottles crunching underfoot as she rushed past towards the derelict house. Silence screamed at her, and she covered her ears. There was no way to drown out the torment that came from […]

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The Battle

Once upon a time, in a distant land, there was a lone soldier. She fought an unending and ugly battle against unruly enemies, with the recklessness of one who believed there was no other to fight for her, nor another to care should she not be victorious. The battle morphed into a game, an easier fate […]

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The Journey

When catching up over coffee recently, a friend asked me what the most important thing that I had learned on my journey had been. I struggle answering questions with words like “biggest”, “most”, or “best” because I believe each key I have learned along the way has been the best for that particular moment. I […]

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