Would there be a gap?

If I were not here, would there be a gap? Who would notice first? Who would take some time to realise, the final dawn bringing perhaps a tinge of sorrow or regret? Would the Earth still continue to spin, sun ever shining its warmth, oblivious to my absence? Would it matter? To anyone? At all? […]

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I just found out my dog has lung cancer. It’s kind of my fault, because when I first got her I was a chain smoker, and she would come with me everywhere. I would smoke on the bench in front of the house, and she’d sit by my side as we looked at the stars. When it […]

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Creative Inspiration

I was inspired by my beautiful singer/songwriter friend Sairz (www.sarahshah.org) to surround myself with inspiration; words, pictures, quotes, and ideas that I can wake to, that will make their way into my subconscious and guide the direction of my thought life. I love looking around Sairz’ house; I find messages of encouragement and hope everywhere […]

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