Hey British & Irish friends, here’s a great short story competition for you to enter: Reader’s Digest 100 Word Story Competition If you think writing a short story is easy, think again. When the words are so limited, every single word matters. Of course, even in long text I believe choosing each word carefully is […]

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Reading Challenge

If you’re a writer, chances are you’re a reader too. Like birds of a feather, stuck together. I enjoy reading, but I’ve let it slide on my priority list. This year I decided to set myself a goal number of books to read: 30 Well, it’s August, and so far I’ve read (and actually finished…that’s […]

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The Glad Game

Pollyanna is one of my heroes. The doe eyed, infuriatingly positive orphan of Eleanor H Porter’s creation, is one of those people that love her or hate her, you cannot simply ignore her. Ever been around a person who always finds something to be happy about, in every kind of gruesome or demoralising situation? The […]

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