To The Girl I Bullied

I was shocked when you called me a bully. I had never thought of myself like that. I thought bullies were the ones that beat up little kids for kicks. I’d never intended to hurt anyone. I called you fat when I was frustrated and I wanted my own way. Usually, you’d fight back or […]

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The School Ski Trip

“What’s all the commotion about?” Indie wondered. Everyone in the common room was crowded around the noticeboard, exchanging animated shrieks of delight. Probably some silly dance which she, of course, was not interested in. Sigh. She had promised her mum she’d make an effort to be “normal” this term and fit in, whatever that meant. […]

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Ms. Fleming’s Wig

Ms. Fleming’s wig had gone missing. Naturally, everybody blamed me. Who else would do such an atrocious act to their elderly teacher? Well, why leave her wig unattended, I say. Girls will be girls. Anyway, I hadn’t touched her filthy wig. Yuck! The very thought of it disgusted me. I bet she hasn’t washed it […]

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