Have you heard of my tomatoes? It’s brilliant! For someone who is easily distracted, such as myself, such a simple timer tool with regular breaks really helps me to stay on track. Today was my first day using it and I’ve already collected far more tomatoes than I’d ever eat! (Especially, you know, since I […]

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Ethnography; AKA People Watching

I recently embarked on a journey I’ve been silently wishing to undertake for many years; I’ve started graduate study.  It’s a bit of a mouthful: Master of Science in Socia Science Research Methods, specialising in sociology. What that essentially means is that I’m learning the skills and methodology needed to be a great researcher. One […]

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Read Like a Writer

You know when you meet someone and they tell you their occupation, how you can nervously justify yourself to them? Like when your friend introduces their dad, the hairdresser. You subconsciously flatten your hastily-combed mop, whilst explaining what a busy morning you had with the kids, and how you don’t usually let your roots grow […]

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Reading Academically

“Ah yes, but a degree is, of course, death by reading” my mentor and lecturer, Dr Shane Clifton, encouragingly informed me, as I told him of my great battle to keep up with the content. Crestfallen, I felt there could be little hope for success, when I struggled to even read the prescribed texts. Yet […]

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Pivotal Words

Found this helpful word list – enjoy! No words are as helpful while reading as the prepositions and conjunctions that guide your mind along the pathways of the author’s ideas. A word like furthermore says, “Keep going!” However says, “Easy!” Master these words and phrases and you will almost immediately become a better writer, for […]

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